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  1. Pro/Con Journal

    July 4, 2011 by parry

    I have a hard time making decisions. Like, on a daily basis. I am a Libra, and by virtue, I have to weigh everything out. IT’S WHO THE STARS SAY I AM, OKAY? I’m not talking like, life-altering decisions though. I typically make those rather quickly, and they usually end in a “Learn Things The Hard Way” scenario. But when it comes to options for dining out, ordering in, outfits, bar destinations, Starbucks, showering, etc. etc., I am severely co-dependent upon the person I’m with. It’s kind of a problem.

    All of my friends know two things when we make dinner plans: 1.) Unless you immediately give me 3 options right off the bat, I’m going to need at least 35 minutes to figure out shit out, and 2.) If we are going out in public for dinner, I’m going to be late.

    (Okay, real talk: I am late everywhere I go. Not just dinner. If you need me to be somewhere at 6:30pm, you need to tell me 6:15pm. If my funeral starts on time, I WILL roll over in my grave.)

    So basically, I think I/WE (friends) would really benefit from a super-cute PRO/CON JOURNAL (via Modcloth):

    Designed specifically for the detail-oriented decider, this spiral-bound book provides space for every positive and negative notion on opposing pages. Once you count up each detail and arrive at a conclusion, outline your prescribed plan of action, and mark your mission complete!


    Perfect.┬áThis way, since I’m a visual learner and shit when it comes to organization, I can make decisions in like, 17.5 minutes. Which is SRSLY huge. AND, I can check it off as “completed,” which I REALLY love. If I didn’t make lists with the sole purpose of checking things off as they get completed, I’d never get anything done. EVER.