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  1. Converse a “Shoe-In” for Musical Partnerships

    June 30, 2010 by parry

    As the relevance of the record label has continued to decline,¬†and brands replace overpaid A&R execs, Converse was able to jazz up their audience with three way different Artists in 2008. With the release of “My Drive Thru” (a single-riff track composed by Julian Casablancas (HAWT) of The Strokes, Pharrell (SEEMS LIKE HE MOISTURIZES) and Santogold (IS THAT A SYNONYM FOR M.I.A.?) solely for the purpose of Converse’s marketing campaign), the originators of superduperfly Chuck Taylors spanned musical genres for a new take on an old shoe.

    Two years later and still hot off the heels of a successful musical partnership, Converse’s latest summer music project, “Three Artists”, includes Kid Cudi (PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS? that’s the best I can do), Betheny of the band West Coast (ERR … UM. CUTE!) , and Rostam Batmanglij (NEED PRONUNCIATION GUIDE) of Vampire Weekend. Below is Batmanglij’s installment (Special shout-out to Greenpoint Pictures, who shot & edited this killer, colorful glimpse at Rostam and the City he calls home):

    Three Artists. One Song.