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  1. Oh hot damn, this is my jam(m).

    June 30, 2010 by parry

    Tonight, after 2 beers and a mediocre (at best) plate of nachos at B.B. King’s, I found my way home from the bright lights of Times Square and stumbled into an East Village bodega for a(nother) refreshing beverage. It’s been over 90 degrees for the past week. I crave beverages of ALL kinds, ALL the fucking time. But rarely to actually hydrate. Perpetual cotton-mouth is REAL, people, and sugar is the solution!   That being said, I had decided upon a soda when my eyes met THIS:

    The lovechild of Kool-Aid Man and Capri Sun. In 5, delicious artificial flavors. OH YEAH! Allegedly, Kool-Aid joined the “portable drink revolution” back in ’07, but I am going to start repping this shit like it’s 1999. Hello, it has 100% of the Vitamin C needed for a child AND 25 grams of sugar, which totally surpasses adult requirements. And at $.75 per pouch? Diet Dr. Pepper, you’ve been replaced.