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About Parry

“Is that your real name?”

See also: “Parry? Isn’t that a boy’s name?”

Does it really matter in a world where people are now naming their kids after seasons, inanimate objects, Burroughs, and social networking widgets?

But yes, my (middle) name is Parry and I’m just another 20-something girl with a blog, living on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. And I wasn’t always THIS cool. I mean, maybe I was, but I didn’t know it until the internet told me so. I was born and raised in North Carolina and I actually didn’t even know what the internet WAS until like, 2 years ago. Psych! I’ve loved the internet since it’s inception and I love North Carolina even more and if you have questions regarding Rednecks, you should probably ask someone from South Carolina. Because there’s a difference. Seriously.

Anyways, I digress. Yes I am southern and yes I love BBQ, whisky and the word “ya’ll.” I went to a really great college (Go Heels!), moved to Denver, Colorado for a year, and am about to celebrate my 3-year love-fest with NYC. I’ve been working in the music industry since I was 19, and I like really deep things such as: red wine, clothes, pop culture, Diet Coke, breakfast sandwiches, Super Nintendo and almost everything on HBO and Showtime. Things I hate: The Kardashians, dried marinara sauce and people who post pictures of their babies on FaceBook.

I have an awesome family back in North Carolina (RIP Deuce: The world will know the importance of corgis because of you — Hang in there, Kermie!), a lot of really pretty/skinny/smart friends that pretend they think I’m funny, a handsome boyfriend who lives in New Jersey but takes no part in GTL-ing, a surrogate dogchild named Patch, and a pretty sweet apartment that looks like a double-wide on top of a roof.

Maybe one day I will write an actual book and see a therapist, but this is a pretty good substitution for both of those things until I get there.






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