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Stocking Stuffer

November 18, 2012 by parry

Can someone who’s not Lady Gaga please tell me what the fuck I’m supposed to do with these?

Also please note that they cost SIX-HUNDRED-SIXTY-EIGHT-AMERICAN-DOLLARS.

Furthermore, as of today, November 18th, 2012, when we are allegedly still (maybe) in a recession or whatever rich people say when they have to fly business instead of first class, they are “low in stock.” Now, I have an online shopping problem as big as the next girl, BUT YOU CAN’T EVEN USE THEM FOR SUN BLOCKING WHILE SEEING WITH YOUR EYES. YOUR SPECIAL EYES. LOOK, LOOK WITH YOUR SPECIAL EYES!


  1. Ashley says:

    Love your writing and references – I frequently tell my bf to look with his special eyes. This cracked me up.

    Ditty and Sugar

    • parry says:

      Thank you, Ashley! Mind if I ask how you stumbled over here? (BTW: Your St. Tropez pics are making my frostbitten fingers warm and ragey).

      • Ashley says:

        Hah. I peaked this past October in St. Tropez and I’ve got a promising 50 years all downhill from there. I’m trying to remember how I came across your blog… and I think I found it via a Rolling Stone article, or some link tied to Rolling Stone. Sorry, I know that’s not helpful. On the plus side I just saw your recent post. You’re going to have to be less funny so I don’t continue to laugh out loud at my computer screen. The video was hilarious too. Love the cameo from ‘hide yo kids, hide yo wives”

  2. Tadas says:

    You know, blind people what to be fashionable too :)

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