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Holy haikus, Batman!

April 16, 2012 by parry

Things I like today: Honeydew-flavored Bubble Tea (ZOMG. a refreshing beverage that also kind of feels like a snack thanks to TAPIOCA BALLS, which I love and never thought I’d hear myself say) and HAIKUS. Yes, bitch. HAIKUS! Before there was the 9-9-9, there was the 5-7-5, and I’m about rock you like a Herman Cain in middle school English.

The topic (and a VERY real problem), as requested by Boyfriend: “Make one about the temperature going up and down and your winter/summer clothes being too far down in the bed-vault, so in the most privileged and amazing city in the world, you are extremely uncomfortable out of being too lazy to attack your highly organized and efficient space saving┬áseasonal clothing rotation system.”

Oh cool, so we’re starting out easy?

1. global warming exists
the proof is in her wardrobe
crammed, lazily, in dust

2. binge shopping drawbacks
ten sweaters to unpack when
winter is one snow

3. big apple problems
looking good isn’t easy
i can’t reach my scarves




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